Moonraker Press takes its name from a long since demolished restaurant in Fort Wayne, Indiana where my grandfather used to take me as a child. It was, for all intents and purposes, a pirate ship converted into a restaurant. I remember crossing the bridge that led from the parking lot over a small flowing stream meant to mimic the ocean into the body of the ship that transported us to another world. What a great memory, and I wish my grandfather was here to share it.

A moonraker, also known as a moonsail, is a small light sail located high on the mast of a ship, primarily used for speed. I don’t know much about the mechanics of ship sails, but I love the image of a full moon shining across the vast sea, peeking around the moonraker of a old pirate ship. It’s enchanting, mesmerizing even. Good writing and good art can mesmerize us too.

I’ve created this press in memory of my grandfather but also to highlight the exceptional work of writers and artists here and abroad, both emerging and established. Head over to ‘submissions’ to see if you’re a good match for us.