Founding editor: Robin Littell holds an MFA in Creative Writing from Miami University. She is the author of Flight, the 2018 Vella Chapbook Winner at Paper Nautilus Press. Her flash fiction has appeared in New Flash Fiction Review, Tin House, Fiction SoutheastTwo Hawks Quarterly, Midway Journal, Gravel, Found Polaroids, Adanna, and others. Originally from the flat part of northern Ohio, she now lives in southern Ohio (less flat) near a river, a nature preserve, and a gorge carved into the earth by glacier water 18,000 years ago. She also teaches at Antioch College. Read more of her work at robinlittell.com.

Art Editor: Forest Bright holds an MFA from the University of Michigan. He makes images, mostly drawings, that develop into larger, often social, projects. His work has been exhibited at Cothenius Gallery in Berlin, the Beijing American Center, The Michigan Theater in Ann Arbor, The Dayton Society of Artists, and The Emporium in Yellow Springs, Ohio. Most recently his drawing, collaboratively produced with a group of women serving life sentences at Dayton Correctional Institution, has been included as part of nationally traveling exhibition States of Incarceration organized by The New School of Social Research. Forest also works as an illustrator and designer, with works included in Anthropology News, and the cover for Flight, a book of flash fiction written by Robin Littell and published by Paper Nautilus.

Forest birdwatching at Cedar Bog in Urbana, Ohio