Emma Loomis

Emma Loomis is a trans naturalist who is particularly enamored of birds. Her debut collection of poetry, evening primroses (April 2021), is available from Recenter Press. Her poems also reside in Hoxie Gorge Review, Hematopoiesis Press, Recenter Press, and Sheepshead Review. She lives with her partner in rural southern Ohio.

the fiddleheads are considering

fiddling around unfurling curling
gentle green perfectly
carpeting covering every
stump stone rabbit hole
ankle rolling sitting telling
plopping making stopping
rest redden curl unfurl
your sock and see
a bloom of lovely purple-green

before you up and head for house
sit still and watch the greening groan
warm wind just breezing over joints
sweet knobs and knees
and ferny balds
now rise and reach
for maples stable
leap one careful foot alone
grateful mountain headed home