Mercy Viola is a force. Her poetry actually came my way for another reason, but when I read it, I thought it would be perfect for Moonraker Press. Mercy is like a breath of fresh air and so is her writing. It’s soulful and authentic, and if you were to meet Mercy today, you would see her poetry in all the ways she interacts with the world and those around her. I’m proud to have her work in this issue.

Mercy Viola

Although I’ve known Emma Loomis for several years in various capacities (as a student at Antioch College, then as a fellow writer and nature enthusiast living in Yellow Springs, Ohio), it wasn’t until I read evening primroses that I realized just how amazing Emma is. I remember reading her poetry out loud to my partner on the beach at Caesar Creek State Park in southern Ohio, and it made my heart swell: trans liberation set within the natural rural landscapes that I knew: beautiful, intimate, and fierce. Her connection to the natural world, her invitation to be present in it, is perfectly captured in the poem below. Emma’s words are magic, and I’m happy to have her work inhabiting the pages of this press.

Emma Loomis